Why to choose Berthoud BRUIN for your farm?

The Berthoud BRUIN self-propelled sprayer is designed to meet the requirements of the highly intensive farming industry in American, providing outstanding performance during field operations and efficiency.

The self-propelled sprayer is available with a tank capacity of 4,200 liters and several types of boom lengths of 28m, 30m and 36m

With Bruin, you can easily create your own machine, combining the volume of the tank with the best boom length for your fields in order to receive maximum productivity!



The self-propelled sprayer has:


  • Independent pneumatic suspension
  • Powefull Bosch Rexroth transmission
  • Cummins engine with h.p.
  • Spraying control with EC Tronic or VT Tronic
  • Omega pump with twin turbine and capacity of 550 l/m at 3 bar
  • DUALMATIC: a Berthoud system for less residues in the spraying system and simple use


Exceptional vertical stability especially when turning and very good stability on sloped ground thanks to its central pivot suspension. It follows variations in slopes without any action required by the user.

Available in three sizes – 28, 30 and 36 m.

The boom is equipped with an anti-yaw device independent for each arm. This system reduces horizontal whiplash when accelerating and braking to protect the boom structure.

  • AXIALE triangular structure to enhance robustness
  • Keep the pipe’s protection through boom’ structure
  • Boom stability unmatched due to the AXIALE suspension which provides very good stability on turns and slopes
  • Special device on each arm to protect the boom structure when speed up or slow down

VT Tronic 

  • Universal Terminal
  • A single controller for flow management and GPS assistance
  • Automatic section shut off and VRA as a standard
  • Optional Self steering available on Self propelled

Wireless joystick

  • As a standard with all solutions
  • Wireless: BERTHOUD exclusive design
  • Over 20m working range

A powerful transmission from Bosch Rexroth

  • 1 variable cubic capacity pumps & 4 variable cubic capacity hydraulic motors
  • Electrical management of the hydraulic motors capacity
  • Final wheel reduction to enhance torque and power on wheel
  • 1 speed sensor / wheel
  • Spray speed: 34 kmh – Transport speed: 56 kmh (empty tank) / 50 kmh (full tank). For EU the actual speed is 40 km/h for driving on roads
  • More power control options: operate the Bruin pre-set engine revs / Automotive driving using foot pedal or ECO mode for better fuel efficiency

Technical data

AXIALE 28, 30 - 36 m
Boom position Rear boom
Boom suspension Axiale
Capacity 4200
Speed up to 34 km/h on the field
Spraying control by EC Tronic or VT Tronic

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