Self-Propelled Sprayer Berthoud Raptor AS


Why to choose Berthoud Raptor AS ?

The self-propelled sprayer Berthoud Raptor AS allows effective spraying with comfort and precision. The sprayer has:

  • High point axle suspension
  • Large windscreen for the driver
  • Continuous flow with pneumatic anti-drop system

The self-propelled sprayer Berthoud Raptor AS is available with 4200 l and 5200 l capacity and two types of booms with length from 36 to 42 m.


Similar to the other Berthoud sprayers, Berthoud Raptor AS has:

  • Metal chassis for stability and durability during intensive work
  • Hydrostatic transmission Bosch Rexroth
  • Deutz engine with standard IVf and power of 245 h.p.
  • Multifunctional joystick for remote control of spraying and some hydraulic functions
  • Omega pump 550 l/ min at a working pressure of 3 bar.
  • DUALMATIC system

Berthoud Raptor AS

A high-tech spraying system with the opportunity for further upgrade of the precision farming features combined with the industry-leading Excel Industries boom – to make sure your crops get the best care!


Berthoud Raptor AS Booms

The following boom types are available for the self-propelled sprayers Berthoud Raptor AS:

Ektar В2 and В3
  • Available from 36 to 42 m
  • Independent unfolding of the boom’s arms
  • Double or triple folding of the boom
  • Slope control and variable geometries
  • Hydraulic control of the boom
  • Automatic boom height control
  • Lighting of the boom
  • Hydraulic alignment of the axle – 2,40 – 3,05 m*

*Can be ordered additionally


Technical data

Capacity from 4200 to 5200 l
Crop clearance from 1,10 to 1,25 m
EKTAR B2 Booms from 36 to 38 m
EKTAR B3 Booms from 40 to 42 m
Engine 245 h.p.
Mechanical axle adjustment 2,20 - 3,00 m
Regulation EC TRONIC
Speed 40 km/h
Type of pump Omega 550 l/min



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