Why choose a Two Wheel Linear Valley?

A Cost-Effective Linear Solution for Smaller Fields.

Patented Valley® Two-Wheel Linear is designed to meet the needs of smaller fields with your choice of how to feed water into the linear cart: by ditch or hose.



  • Maximize irrigated areas: Typically irrigates 92-98% of a square or rectangular field.
  • Increase profitability: Helps reduce labor costs up to 50% compared to surface, side roll or hand move irrigation.
  • Water conservation: Conserves water by applying the right amount of water when and where needed.
  • Various applications: Does more than just irrigate; it can also be used for chemigation, fertigation, germination and leaching.
  • Valley quality: Comes standard with made-in-the-USA Valley gearboxes, providing you with the reliability, durability and quality you expect from the industry leader.


Two Wheel Linear Hose Feed

  • Towable from field to field in forward or reverse
  • Available flow rates – from 5 l/s to 70 l/s
  • Soft and hard hose options available ranging from 6 mm to 152.4 mm до (I.D.)
  • Can be equipped with swing-around option


Two Wheel Linear Ditch Feed

Take advantage of existing earthen ditches with the ditch feed option of Valley Two-Wheel Linear.

  • Can be equipped with swing-around option
  • Towable from field to field, in forward or reverse
  • Provides coverage for small and large fields
  • Cart Mounted Pump and skid-style suction inlet fits in nearly any earthen ditch
  • Decreased labor inputs




  • Made in the USA: The patented Valley gearbox is the only brand of pivot gearbox made in the USA
  • Corrosion-resistant: Hot-dip galvanized
  • Built to last: Four-leg drive unit with braces
  • Made stronger: Heavy 8-bolt pipe flanges
  • Reduces downtime: Welded sprinkler coupler
  • Full wrap-around weldments
  • Minimal repair: Forged truss rod heads
  • Even distribution of loads: Uniform pipeline and truss rod crowns
  • Even loading: Tight contact of truss rod head in the socket



Two Wheel Linear Specifications

  • Maximum machine length- 390 m
  • Span length options- All available
  • Pipe diameter options- 6 5/8″
  • Pipeline choices- Galvanized, PolySpan®
  • Hose option- YES
  • Ditch/canal option- YES
  • End feed option- YES
  • Center feed option- YES
  • Swing-around option- YES
  • Towable option- YES
  • GPS guidance-YES
  • Below-ground cable guidance- YES
  • Furrow guidance- YES
  • Above-ground cable guidance- YES
  • Modified alignment option- YES
  • Full-floating alignment option- YES

Valley structure

Valley engineers the structure to ensure field loads are uniformly distributed. Uniform loading, combined with the best drive unit design, make Valley pivots the most resistant to ruts and twisting in a variety of field conditions. Through engineering excellence, Valley is recognized as the industry leader.


Valley gearbox

The Strongest, Most Trusted Gearbox in the Industry. Manufactured in the USA.

Each one gearbox Valley passes the most demanding test before it leaves the factory and arrives in your field – so you can rest easy knowing you have the most reliable gearbox available for your irrigation equipment.


  • Superior design: Three times the life of competitive gearboxes, based on independent tests.
  • Greater torque capacity: Bull gear delivers 20% higher torque capacity, based on independent tests.
  • Built-to-last: Longer output shaft increases mud and crop clearance, reducing chance of seal damage.
  • Minimizes bearing loads: Special offset rims position tire close to the gearbox to minimize bearing loads for longer life.
  • Highest load rating: Input and output bearings are American made and case hardened, resulting in the industry’s highest load rating.
  • Handles extreme conditions: Gearbox housing made to handle high-stress areas and extreme operating conditions.
  • Additional load capabilities: Bronze bull gear option provides additional load capabilities with hardened steel worm for extreme operating conditions or extended life under less-severe conditions.

Specifications of Valley gearbox


  • Large-capacity rubber diaphragm- Expands with heat and pressure to minimize water condensation.
  • Input and output bearings-American made and case hardened to provide the highest quality and highest load rating available in the industry.
  • Worm gear-High-strength ductile iron provides significantly longer wear life than steel when combined with a cast iron bull gear.
  • Tooth design- Industry-exclusive 25° tooth angle provides 40% longer life and better reliability in tough conditions compared to normal 14 1/2° tooth designs.
  • Largest bull gear neck and keyway-  Provides strength in the critical load-bearing area.
  • Expansion chamber-  Cap made of corrosion-resistant cast aluminum; rubber diaphragm Allows oil to expand and contract during operation. The vented cap prevents pressure buildup and prevents Seals from leaking.
  • Threaded endcap- Allows accurate bearing preload to increase bearing life.
  •  52:1 gear ratio- Fully recessed tooth design keeps oil between engaged gears.
  •  Bull gear-  High-strength cast iron provides the highest load capacity and longest life in the industry. Optional bronze gear is available for extreme conditions.
  • Multi-viscosity gearbox oil-  Exceeds 85w140 GL5 oil for long gear wear under extreme load conditions.

Linear control panel


Linear control panel

AutoPilot Linear Control Panel

Maximize Efficiency with GPS-Ready Irrigation Technology

This GPS-ready irrigation technology allows your linear to automatically perform functions similar to a center pivot. The AutoPilot measures the lateral position and direction of travel of the linear, allowing functions to be easily programmed to run automatically.

AutoPilot Linear Features

  • Easily program your field map with the custom Valley mapping tool to match changes in farm practices or field boundaries.
  • Available for use with all hose drag and earthen canals.
  • GPS-ready for GPS Position
  • Turn primary and secondary end guns on and off
  • Change speed to change application depths
  • Apply chemicals
  • Auto-reverse or auto-stop


ClassicPlus Control Panel

Put a simple, easy-to-upgrade control panel to work on your operation.

The Valley® ClassicPlus irrigation control panel operates manually and has easy-to-operate switches. This panel can be used with a corner arm or linear, as well as with a standard center pivot. For a simple control panel that won’t talk back and is easily upgradable, choose the ClassicPlus. It will grow with your operation as your needs grow.

ClassicPlus Features

  • Mechanical auto-reverse.
  • A mechanical pressure switch that allows you to monitor for low pressure.
  • Percent timer dial to control application and optional mechanical switches to set center pivot direction.



Sprinkler solutions

Komet Sprinklers

Komet Irrigation is a family company that has been innovating agricultural sprinklers for more than 60 years. Includes the Komet Precision Twister (KPT), Komet Precision Spray (KPS) and Twin Ultra line of volume guns.


  • Komet 3-D Motion System gives a uniform water distribution throughout the entire water pattern.
  • Specially designed body legs reduce dripping to a minimum.
  • Special groove and surface design provide consistent water droplets across the entire water pattern.
  • Minimal losses to wind drift.
  • Gentle to sensitive soils.
  • Three plate choices: Standard trajectory, Low trajectory and the industry-exclusive Ultra-Low trajectory.
  • Rapid Fit Nozzle System offers fast and easy installation and cleaning of plugged nozzles.




Nelson® sprinklers

Nelson®  Irrigation offers a full line of water application products designed for your specific field conditions and crops. Unmatched innovation in irrigation from Nelson has brought about years of revolutions, such as Rotator® technology on drops and Big Gun® sprinklers.


  • Greater Throw Radius
  • Higher Uniformity
  • Precision manufactured regulators to feature a patented dampening system, plug resistance and expanded flow range
  • Full and part-circle end guns available in a variety of trajectory, nozzle and coating options




Senninger® sprinklers

Senninger®  Irrigation has been developing water- and energy-efficient sprinklers for more than 50 years.





Recommendation for irrigation

With advanced management software Valley Scheduling™ and NIK AGRO SERVICE we provide easy-to-understand irrigation recommendations based on real, scientific data about your soil, crop type, development stage and automatically updated weather conditions.



От момента на своето основаване през 1946 година американската компания Valmont Industries Inc, основател на Valley Irrigation, разработва нови идеи и ги реализира в продукти, които посрещат и дори надграждат все по-нарастващите нужди на своите клиенти.
Valley Irrigation е световен лидер в сферата на проектирането и производството на високоефективно напоително оборудване за селскостопанския сектор, което осигурява повишаване на производителността и едновременно разумно използване на дефицитния воден ресурс.

Като основател на отрасъла за производство на механизирани напоителни системи, Valley Irrigation непрекъснато се стреми към усъвършенстване и разработване на иновационни решения. Компанията предлага цялостна поддръжка на продуктите с марка Valley благодарение на развитата си дилърска мрежа в цял свят.

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