Module Map is intended for all farmers who:

• Apply for direct payments
• Want to see the areas they process, in ИСАК or on a cadastral map / КВС
• They use state-of-the-art plotting technologies and land processing
• Want to apply with their properties in real boundaries
• Want to see all the layers used in applying for subsidies


  • Load an unlimited number of Work layers
  • Select a basic map of several types of satellite photos, incl. satellite images from GeoSCAN that can be used to preview KBC boundaries and other layers used to apply for subsidies.
  • Possibility for individual personalization of each land in a layer КВС properties
  • Save the selected layers when you exit and enter again the Map module
  • Load of .shp files and KBC visualization, ИСАК data, allowable layer, data from agreements/consolidation and cultivated agricultural properties.
  • Visualizing the following layers for the territory of the whole country

  • – Preliminary allowable layer for the whole of Bulgaria
    – Final allowable layer for the whole of Bulgaria
    – Layer of permanent grassland
    – Layer with disadvantaged areas for the whole territory of Bulgaria
    – Layer with NATURA 2000 zones with valid orders
    – Specialized layers of Agroecology related to ВПС lands
    A wide range of tools for plotting and editing plot boundaries
    Export to ИСАК and GPS navigation of all loaded data in the module.


  • Independent loading of plots data, given by ОСЗ every three months
  • Independent loading of data for users and owners of farmland from КВС
  • Sub-module „Thematic maps“, allowing to create maps based on information for contracts, owners etc. The maps are printable
  • The automatic crossing of each property with Allowable Layer and showing the area falling into the layer
  • Preparation of areas after agreements
  • Successful application for direct payments
  • Automatic comparison of counterparty data and registered user/owner in KBC data from ОСЗ
  • Visualization of KBC data on the map by different criteria
  • Thematic map on owners and users of properties
  • Limitation of potential overlapping and sanctions by outlining the areas used
    Presence of history from previous years
  • Visualization of permissible and ineligible areas on the basis of the current allowable layer for the territory of Bulgaria.
  • Advantages

    Load data from navigations into layers to better manage and analyze them
    Outlining and editing the cultivated farmland
    Visualization and export of cultivated areas and KBC properties
    Export digital data for navigation / GPS and ИСАК
    Print maps of selected layer data
    Crossing the selected areas in the "Subsidies" sub-module

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