Module Plots

Intended for:

All farmers who:
• Buy, lease, rent, rent out, sublease or sell farmland
• Own farmland
• Annually pay rents
• Submit documents for registration as a farmer
• Submit declaration under art. 69 и application under art.70
• Want to have an electronic register and archive of all signed contracts



  • Possibility to conclude contracts with unlimited types of kind
  • Charging annuity by owner and history of charges
  • Automatically load data for owners in the Owners sub-module
  • Multi-edit in sub-module Contracts allowing editing of the type of kind at the same time of all contracts
  • Possibility to set how to allocate the land for private use between the property of the owner – proportional or on a specific property – in the panel “Personal use”
  • Ability to track what receivables you have on subleased contracts from counterparties and generate payments reports in the “Receivables” sub-module
  • Ability to sort all contracts by date of entry, alphabetical order or contract number
  • Possibility to select the information to be printed in the contract template
  • Generate payroll based on different criteria
  • Search for data by contract information, the owner of the land, the payment of the due annuity
  • Charging contract annuity and generating a cost order or payment order to make payments
  • Creating electronic archive of all documentation for fast and easy searching
  • Adding annexes to contracts
  • Flexible payment of annuities based on different criteria – cash or in kind or different contracts or owners in the same time
  • Subleasing contracts to either outside organizations or to own organizations
  • Managing heirs by the owner’s family tree
  • Automatic calculation of due annuity to heirs based on family tree
  • Loading data from agreements
  • Ability to search by every contract element – plots, owners or authorized persons
  • Quick renewal of contracts by copying all data at renewal
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    Pay annuity based on intersections with Allowable Layer
    • Charging annuity over contract or owner
    • Payroll for paying annuities by place
    • Keeping a register of mortgaged land
    • Register of sales and accounting of the value of the purchased properties
    • Ability to track the number of contracts of each type
    • Register of own land and ideal parts to have information about the purchased ideal parts
    • Enhanced addition of heirs in contracts
    • Connection with other TechnoFarm modules
    • Automatic calculation of annuities for contracts
    • Fast and easy managing of activities related to:
    – concluding contracts with owners of agricultural land
    – finding the proposed property on
    – charging and paying an annuity
    – renewal of expiring contracts
    – a printout of the contract with a pre-created template
    • Saving money through contracting only for the used parts of the agricultural properties
    • Prevention of mistakes in contract management
    • Annuity charging history
    • Quick renewal and annexing of expiring contracts
    • Map data preview
    • Easy management of the due annuities
    • Payment of annuities to heirs
    • Automatic reporting and
    transfer of properties into subleases.
    • Possibility to visualize on the map all the subleased properties



    Summary report "Rents in BGN" by land
    Summary report "Rents in BGN" by land
    All kinds of land inquiries you need
    All kinds of land inquiries you need
    Contract templates
    Contract templates
    Print a sketch for a property
    Print a sketch for a property
    Generate an inquiry card
    Generate an inquiry card
    Application under art. 70
    Application under art. 70
    Declaration under art. 69
    Declaration under art. 69
    Reports on amounts due in BGN and kind for contracts
    Reports on amounts due in BGN and kind for contracts
    ost order or payment order to contracts
    ost order or payment order to contracts
    Weight note
    Weight note
    Report for expiring contracts
    Report for expiring contracts

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